Rev'd Monsignor. Anselom Pamintuan PC. OSB. Founder of BENEDICTINE CELESTINE of the RENEWAL 1998

Msgr. Anselom Pamintuan. PC. OSB. 1950 - 05.12.2017


Rev'd Monsignor. Anselom Pamintuan PC. OSB. was the founder of the Benedictine Celestine of the Renewal  in 1998. He studied Philosophy and Theology at Saint Vincent Ferrer Seminary in Ilo Ilo City in 1970. He was ordained a priest at the age of 23 years on March 30th 1974 by Most Rev'd. Gregorio Espiga. OAR. Vicar Apostolic of Palawan.

He took up Canon Law at the Pontifical University Santo Tomas from 1983 up to 1985. He was a member of the CLSP (Canon Law Society of the Philippines). He was made a Monsignor by the full authority of the Pontiff of Rome. (The Roman Catholic Church is organized into districts known as dioceses. Each diocese is led by a type of priest called a bishop, and all of the parish priests within a diocese are under the authority of its bishop. When the bishop of a diocese believes that one of the priests under his authority should be honoured for his exceptional service to the church, he can nominate that priest for the title of monsignor. The Pope reviews the nomination and makes the final decision. If he decides to grant the title of monsignor to the nominee, the Secretariat of State of the Vatican honours the new monsignor with a formal diploma).

He was a Roman Catholic Vatican II priest who lived in full harmony with the Roman Catholic Vatican II Church and the Popes of Rome. He was very close and was going to become one with the priests an bishops of BCR before he suddenly passed away.

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All of the clergy of BCR in the Philippines took solemn vows to Rev'd Msgr. Pamintuan PC. OSB.

Monsignor Anselom Pamintuan. PC. OSB  and Most Rev'd Camilo Diaz Gregorio. Prelate of Batanes, Philippines  continued to founder the BCR which has grown in to a successful traditional Benedictine Order. He was a close friend and advocate of the college of episcopal bishops of BCR. He worked very closely with all the priests and bishops of BCR.

As a trained and registered Canon Lawyer he made a testimony to the Validity and Licitness of Archbishop James Atkinson-Wake and Archbishop Neville Andersons Unbroken Apostolic Succession as true Vatican I Catholic Archbishops who has the right to ordain and to consecrate valid men.

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Msgr Anselm attestation & notice of passing (pdf)